Royal Grammar School


    At Sixth Form level, we take up to 50 new students (male and female) each year. There is no exam – we think that they have enough already!

    For those wishing to join the Sixth Form we will set up an interview (this is formal but not an interrogation). The purpose of this is to find out more about the applicant and explore their interests and talents. We will also ask for a recent report and will request a reference from their current school, including forecast GCSE grades.

    There will be two  interview dates, one in November and one during early Spring term.

    There are no formal entrance requirements for entry to the RGS Sixth Form, based on information we request, we will be offering interview dates to prospective students who can demonstrate evidence that they are at an equivalent standard to grade 7-9 GCSE in subjects directly related to preferred A level options.