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    The RGS is an inclusive school, though the governors are aware that not everyone is able to afford the school fees. The RGS Bursary Campaign raises money through a separate charity, the Royal Grammar School Educational Trust (registered charity no. 508285) to provide the main source of funding for around 70 means-tested bursaries. In order to fulfill the commitments that we have made to our bursary holders, up to £880,000 needs to be raised every year. 

    Could you help disadvantaged children from across the North East with their education? We welcome donations of all sizes to fund our means-tested bursaries. By donating £13,164, you'd be supporting a bursary-funded child for one full year of their education.

    “I attended the RGS from 2006-2008 for Sixth Form, having previously gone to a local high school. After leaving RGS, I studied Music at Worcester College, Oxford and I now work as a professional organist and choir conductor, as well as working towards a Masters degree at the Royal College of Music.

    "I am incredibly grateful for my experiences at RGS and often think that without the teaching I received there, I may not have got into Oxford - where not only did I learn a lot, but I also met my lovely husband! 

    "Of course, academic standards were high at RGS, but I learnt so much alongside my A levels. The school were unfailingly kind and understanding in supporting me, for example, in providing extra funds to allow me to take part in school trips, so I was able to see Shakespeare plays and travel abroad on choir tours. 

    "I grew in self-confidence as I was given the opportunity to take part in music and sports that I enjoyed, and took on responsibilities as a prefect. I'm sure volunteering in the RGS Junior School and my experience as a Year 7 prefect influenced my later career, where I now enjoy working with children in choirs and music lessons. 

    "I also made great friends  as, for the first time, I felt like I fitted in to the school community. Overall, it is not an exaggeration to say that the two years I spent at the school changed my life, and I will always be grateful to those who support the RGS Bursaries Campaign and have made all of this possible.

    Katy Silverman (nee McDermott), 2006-2008, former bursary holder


    For further information about making a gift to the RGS Bursary Campaign, please contact:

    Jane Medcalf
    Postal Address

    Development Manager
    Royal Grammar School,
    Eskdale Terrace,
    Newcastle upon Tyne,
    NE2 4DX

    Donation Line & Telephone Number 0191 212 8909

    For more information about applying for a bursary, please click here.