Royal Grammar School


    This page contains some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our admissions process. Please do call or email the Head of Admissions, Ali Perry, at any time if you have any questions (her contact details can be found at the bottom of this page).  

    If you are specifically interested in Sixth Form entry you may find the FAQ section of our Sixth Form Guide particularly useful.


    Q. Can anyone join RGS?

    A. We are an academically selective school, so in order for a child to be offered a place they must first complete an assessment. We also ask for a report from their current school. We hold assessments for our main entry points to the school (Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Sixth Form) however if there are places available in other year groups we are happy to assess children for these. We are a fee-paying school therefore, unless a means-tested bursary is awarded (main entry points only), parents must be able to pay the school fees in full. For more information about fees click here.

    Q. How do I apply for a place at RGS?

    A. Please visit the How to Apply section of our website for more information on this.

    Q. Can I visit the school?

    A. Yes, and please do! When choosing a school for your child it is important to look around and see it in action. There are plenty of opportunities to do so at RGS. For more information please see the Visiting the School section of our website.

    Q. How many boys and girls are there in the school?

    A. There are over 1300 students in the whole school, of which 57% are boys and 43% are girls. In the Junior School, there are more than 250 students, of which 56% are boys and 44% are girls.

    Q. What are the facilities like?

    A. The school has invested, and continues to invest in first class facilities across the board. For more information about this, please visit the Facilities page of our website.

    Q.  Do you have school transport?

    A. The school does not have any arranged transport, however many of our students travel to school from all over the region and the RGS is well located, close to the centre of Newcastle and a two minute walk from Jesmond Metro Station. There are a few coach services in particular which a number of our parents make use of:

    Kennedy’s Coaches (01670 822 249) operate a service from Alnwick to Jesmond, via Felton and Stannington.

    Bell’s Coaches (01661 886 207) operate a service from  Stamfordham to Jesmond, via Ponteland.

    More information about these services can be obtained by contacting the companies directly. For more information about travelling to the school please visit the Contact Us section of our website.

    Q. Do you offer before and after school care/supervision?

    A. The school does not offer a formal out of hours service where students are registered before or after school (unless they are taking part in an organised activity or school trip).

    In the Junior School, the reception is staffed from 7.45am until 5.30pm (Brandling House reception until 5.30pm, Lambton House reception until 3.45pm). There are teaching assistants on site from 7.45am and children have access to their classrooms from 8am where they are supervised. After school, there is a supervised “Late Room” in the Junior School until 4.45pm. After this time, the After School Supervisor accompanies any remaining children to the Senior School Library where they are able to remain until 6pm. 

    In the Senior School, the reception is staffed from 7.45am until 6pm. There is a good staff presence in school from 7.45am onwards however there are no formal supervision procedures until 8.15am. Morning registration in the Senior School is at 8.45am. When lessons finish at 4pm, senior school students can make use of the library or the main hall until 5.30pm.

    For more detailed information about out of hours supervision please see our Supervision Policy.


    Q. What are the arrangements for assessment?

    A. Assessment arrangements will differ, depending on the year of entry you are applying for. The Admissions Overview section of our website has detailed information about assessment for each entry point.

    Q. Is it scary?!

    A. Not at all. Understandably, some children (and some parents) find the idea of an assessment quite daunting and become rather nervous at the idea of taking a test or having an interview. Staff and teachers at the school will make every attempt to ensure that both parents and children are relaxed and put at ease from the moment an application is made. We have a dedicated  Head of Admissions, Ali Perry, who is there to offer all the advice, information and guidance you may need along the way.

    Q. Do you offer any sample test papers?

    A. You can download our sample 11+ papers by clicking here. We do not offer sample papers for any other entry points, but information on the assessment process and content can be found by visiting the relevant section of this website.



    Q.  Is there a registration/application fee?

    A. We do not have a registration fee and there is no charge for sitting the entrance assessment, or for any part of the registration process.

     Q. Do you offer any bursaries or scholarships?

    A. The school does not offer any scholarships. There are a small number of means-tested bursaries which are available at main entry points only (Years 3, 5, 7 and Sixth Form). For more information about applying for a bursary please click here.

    Q. What are the fees for your school?

    A. Please visit the Fees section this website for up to date fees and other charges.


    International Applicants

    Q. Do you accept international students?

    A. We can only accept applications from students who are UK or EU nationals, or who can demonstrate that they are dependants of people legally entitled to live in the UK for the duration of study at RGS. It is also a requirement of the RGS that students should reside with their parents(s) or legal guardian. If, for any reason, a student would not do so, an application must be made in writing to seek agreement to other arrangements. Please note that we are not a boarding school, and are not necessarily able to support students who require a Tier 4 visa (“student visa”). 


    Special Circumstances

    Q. My child is dyslexic (or has other special educational needs); can they apply to your school?

    A. Treating children as individuals is important to the school, and we welcome applications from those with dyslexia, or other special educational needs, provided that we can reasonably give them the support they need in order to thrive here. Before applying, parents are urged to talk to the  Head of Admissions about any special educational needs a child may have in order to determine whether we would be able to offer the extent of support which is needed.

    Q. Do you offer any support for children with dyslexia/other special educational needs?

    A. The school has Heads of Learning Support in both the Junior and Senior Schools. They have general responsibility for monitoring the progress of students with SEN and maintaining communications with their teachers. For more detailed information, please see our Special Educational Needs Policy.

    Q. My child has been moved up a year, can they continue in this year group when they join RGS?

    A. Each application is considered on an individual basis, therefore parents can speak to the Head of Admissions about any special circumstances surrounding their child’s application, including if they have been moved up/held back a year. We appreciate that there are always children who perform better than others in their age group and schools often try and stretch and challenge those children, usually through extension work, sometimes by moving them up a year. However, as well as the academic demands at RGS there is also a physical demand of being able to cope with a busy timetable, lots of sport/extra-curricular activity and movement around the school. For this reason we don’t usually tend to admit students into their incorrect age group. Parents are encouraged to speak to the Head of Admissions and continue with their application as it often becomes apparent during the assessment process whether or not this would be the right solution for an individual child.

    Q. We live very far away, can my child sit the assessment without travelling to RGS?

    A. In the Senior School, we offer children the chance to sit the assessment under exam conditions at their current school, if they are unable to travel to RGS. We can also arrange for Sixth Form applicants to be interviewed via Skype, if necessary. In the Junior School, as the children are younger there is a need to be much more intuitive and observe how they react to the school to ensure they would be completely happy in their environment. For this reason, we don’t assess remotely for Junior School places.

    Q. Do you accept applications outside of main entry points?

    A. We do consider applications for other entry points if we have spaces available. Please contact the Head of Admissions for more information. If spaces are not available in the required age group we will happily add children to a list of applicants for the next available year group, and contact them if a space becomes available.