Royal Grammar School


    The RGS is a uniform-wearing school. In the Sixth Form, we have a dress code rather than uniform: but it requires above all that students dress formally. That means a jacket worn around school, which a pullover or cardigan does not replace. It means no leather or denim. It means sober, not extravagant. It means common sense, too!

     Suit Formal suit or jacket with complementary trousers / skirt / dress.
     Pullover (if worn) Plain V-neck or low round neck. Shirt / blouse collar and boy's tie knot must be clearly visible. 
     Trousers  Formal trousers, not jeans: a fair guide would be 'no external seams'.
     Cardigan Acceptable only if understated and easily worn under jacket: not large buttons or thick-knit. 


     Tie  Tie of own choice.  
     Shirt A formal office-type shirt with long or short sleeves.
     Footwear Black or brown shoes, not boots or trainers.
     Piercings Not appropriate.
     Facial Hair The expectation is for boys to be clean shaven, unless there is an agreed reason not to do this. 


     Skirt Excessively short or tight skirts are not appropriate. A fixed / measurable rule is impossible: skirts should be seemly, modest and appropriate to school / formal dress.  
     Blouse A formal office-type blouse or shirt with long or short sleeves (not see-through). Jumpers are not acceptable in place of a blouse. 
     Footwear  Leather-style shoes (not long or chunky boots) in dark, subdued colours (not glittery). For safety reasons, very high heels are not appropriate.  
     Hosiery Plain, subdued coloured tights. No bare legs. 
     Make-up Should be subtle. Nail polish should be of one solid colour. 
     Jewellery Discreet and not over the top. For safety reasons, earrings should be studs only. 
     Piercings Ears only (one per ear) 


    New students to the Sixth Form should purchase an RGS games shirt from This can be a polo or t-shirt, in either black or white (depending on individual preference).

    Black tracksuit bottoms or shorts are also compulsory. These can be purchased from PlayerLayer, but any plain black ones will do. Students who become a member of a school team will also need to purchase some additional items of sportswear. Details will be provided at the relevant time. 

    If you are in any doubt about the interpretation of any of these guidelines, please contact the Sixth Form pastoral team before you spend a lot of money on something which may turn out to be inappropriate.