Royal Grammar School



    Academic success is at the heart of what we do and our students are supported in this by a curriculum that promotes breadth of study in the early years to acquire subject knowledge and develop the key skills that students will need for success at GCSE and beyond.

    In Years 7-9 all girls and boys study the same core subjects as a class group (aside from Maths and Modern Languages which are setted according to ability, attainment or past knowledge). When they reach Year 9, students are given the opportunity to choose three additional 'options' to study alongside these core subjects.

    Throughout these formative years, boys and girls are encouraged to think carefully about their emotional, social and physical wellbeing through our PSHE programme. The school also has a combined Philosophy and Religion course which allows students to explore spiritual and ethical ideas. There are also opportunities beyond the timetable for students to explore these ideas in greater depth if they wish to.

    At GCSE, students are given greater freedom of choice and new subjects are introduced. All students take 10 GCSE exams at the end of Year 11, with some taking an extra GCSE in Further Maths.  A mixture of both GCSE and IGCSE exams are offered. IGCSEs are directly equivalent in terms of university applications but we believe strongly that they provide better courses which are more suited to our students and certainly a more valuable preparation for A level. For a list of our exam boards and specifications, click here

    Throughout the Senior School, the curriculum is broad and wide-ranging but also maintains an important balance, ensuring that students have a consistent solid grounding in Maths, English and Science.