Royal Grammar School


    The careers programme in the Senior School aims to give students advice and guidance to help them make informed choices about future academic subjects, Higher Education options and careers.

    In Years 7 and 8 students are introduced, during PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) lessons to the concept of thinking ahead to formulate goals and ambitions.

    In Year 9, following a presentation by the Director of Studies and the Head of Careers, there is a short individual interview for every student with the Form Supervisor to help them choose the right subjects to study at GCSE.

    In Year 10, students complete the Morrisby Online diagnostic exercise, which is followed up in Year 11 with a more in-depth, individual interview, focusing on A level subject choice and possible higher education and career options. The interview report is added to the Morrisby Online profile for parents and students to read.

    Year 11 students and parents attend an Options Evening in February to hear talks about A level subject options and university applications, as well as to discuss options with subject heads and RGS careers staff.

    Year 11 and Sixth Form students are invited to an in-house Careers and Gap Year fair in September and there are various talks and visits arranged throughout each year.

    A copy of the work experience handbook can be found on the parent portal


     Time Year 7 & 8   Year 9 Year 10  Year 11
    All Year   

    Careers Talks & Activities

    Various Departments

    Careers Talks & Activities

    Various Departments 



    Introductory presentation about wider skills employers look for.   RGS Careers & Gap Year Fair for Year 11 and 6th Form.



    Year 7: Meeting with a representative of a profession to discover valuable personal qualities for life in the workplace. 

    Presentation to year group about GCSE options.


    Group discussion about GCSE choices/ careers in Form time with Form Supervisor. 


    Lunchtime careers presentations by a selection of invited guest speakers about their professions. 

    Parents' Conference 1


    Presentation to students about next stage of Careers Programme. 



    Work experience procedure given to students with application deadlines.


    Presentation to students about next stage of Careers Programme and work experience. 


    Individual interviews based upon Morrisby Online (see Year 10)


    Written report of interview added to online Morrisby profile for students, parents. 

    Half Term    

    Discussions in Form Time with Head or Assistant Head of Careers & HE.


    Individual guidance available + use of Careersoft JED program. 


    Parents' Conference: opportunity to discuss choices.


    Intended subject choices checked by Head or Assistant Head of Careers & HE, in relation to any stated career aims at this stage.




    Parents' Conference including presentation to parents about Careers Programme: opportunity to discuss choices with subject teachers.


    6th Form Options Evening for students and parents: opportunity to find out about A Level programmes.






    Year 8: Meeting with representative of a profession to discover a range of skills attractive to future employers.  

    Parents' Conference 2, including presentation to parents about Careers Programme.


    Students do Morrisby Online exercise to help identify ossible post- GCSE subject choices / careers. To be reviewd in Year 11. 

    Leave of absence for GCSE examinations.